1. General Admission Requirements
  2. A senior secondary school certificate (SSCE), (WAEC or NECO) or GCE O’ level with passés in five subjects including English language, three of which must be at credit level at one sitting or five credits at two sittings. Two of the credits must be relevant to the course the candidate wishes to offer credit/merits in English language and/or mathematics may be required in some courses.
  3. A Grade II Teacher Certificate (TC II) with credits or merit in three subjects, two of which must be relevant to the course the candidate wishes to offer. Credit/merit in English language and/or Mathematics may be required in some courses.
  4. For candidates wishing to offer courses in vocational and technical education, RSA or city and guilds intermediate certificate with credit/merit in at least four subjects are acceptable qualification.
  5. Associate ship certificate in education awarded by an approved institution in Nigeria or abroad, is also an acceptable qualification.
  6. All candidates wishing to be considered for admission must enroll for and write the selection examination organized by an accredited body such as JAMB.
  7. Successful candidates in the PRE-NCE final examinations who will take and succeed in selection examinations by an accredited body are qualified for admission.
  8. It should be noted that some colleges may in addition to all above, administer their own elimination tests and/or interviews for some courses. This is legitimate.
  9. Additional Admission Requirements Qualification

A Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSCE) or General Certification of Education ordinary Level in at least five (5) of the following: Clothing, Food and Nutrition, Home Management, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Textile and related arts, integrated Science, Economics, Agricultural Science, Physical and Health Education.

  • Candidates must have at least three (3) credits at a sitting or four (4) credits at two sittings in any of the listed subjects.
  • A pass in English and mathematics are compulsory.
  • A minimum pass or C grade through PRE- NCE Home Economics Programmes.
  • A grade II Teachers Certificate (TC II) with credit passes in three (3) of the subjects listed above.
  • Certificate in Catering, Textile technology and textile designs. City and guild in Hotel and Catering Management from a recognized institution. Candidates must have gone through post primary education level with a pass in English and credit in two of the subjects mentioned earlier.
  2. WASSCE /SSC/ GCE ‘O’ Level with at least four (4) passes at a sitting including English, Mathematics and two(2) other subjects in Science and related subjects, or;
  3. Teachers Grade II Certificate with passes in English language, Mathematics / Arithmetic, General / Integrated Science and any other science- related subject such as Health Education. Agricultural Science, Physical and Health Science and Home Economics.
  4. Graduation Requirements

Education                                          –              36 Credits

Home Economics Course               –              76 Credits

General Studies                                –              18 Credits

Teaching Practice                            –              06



Course Code Course title Contact MP status
HEC 110 Introduction to vocational and technical Education 100 1C
HEC 111 Introduction to home Economics   2C
HEC 112 Introduction to textile science   2C
HEC 113 Introduction to clothing   2C
HEC 114 Orientation to foods laboratory equipment / tools   2C
HEC 115 Introduction to Home Management   2C
HEC 116 Introduction to Biology   1C
HEC 117 Introduction to Mathematics   1C
  Sub- total   13C



Course Code Course Title Contact LTP Status
HEC 121 Pattern Drafting and Development 102 1C
HEC 122 Principles & practices of Metal preparation 103 2C
HEC 123 Beverages and Drinks, condiment and management 202 2C
HEC 124 Housing design & management 102 1C
HEC 125 Introduction to nutrition 100 1C
HEC 126 Introduction to Chemistry 102 1C
HEC 127 Introduction to Economics 100 1C
HEC 128 Introduction to Physics 102 1C
HEC 129 SIWES   2C


Course Code Course Title Contact LTP Status
HEC 211 Clothing construction and alternation 103 2C
HEC 212 Clothing selection & maintenance 103 2C
HEC 213 The family marriage & family relationship 200 2C
HEC 214 Fundamental Nutrition 103 2C
HEC 215 Personal and Community Health 200 2C
HEC 216 Meal Management and service 203 3C
HEC 217 Hotel and Tourism Education 103 1C
HEC 218 Child Development and care 100 1C
  SUB- TOTAL   15


Course Code Course title Contact LTP Status
VTE Entrepreneurship in Vocational and Technical Education I 103 2C
HEC 221 Textile Design 103 2C
HEC 222 Consumer Education 200 2C
HEC 223 Organization and Evaluation of Home Economics Curriculum 100 2C
HEC 224 Principle of Nutrition I 200 2C
HEC 225 Home Management I 200 2C
HEC 226 Pregnancy and child development 200 2C
HEC 227 Method of teaching home economics 200 2C
HEC 228 Research Method in Home Economics 100 2C
  SUB- TOTAL   18


Course Code Course Title Contact LTP Status
EDU 311 Teaching Practices   6C



Course Code Course Title Contact LTP Status
HEC 320 Entrepreneurship in Home Economics 200 3C
HEC 321 Advanced Clothing Design and construction 203 3C
HEC 322 Food Preservation 103 2C
HEC 323 Principles of Nutrition II 200 2C
HEC 324 HOME Management Residence Practicum 008 2C
HEC 325 Seminar in Home Economics 100 1C
HEC 326 Child Development practicum 100 2C
HEC 327 Applied Nutrition 103 2C
  SUB- TOTAL   17