1. General Admission Department
  2. A senior secondary school certificate ( SSCE) (of NECO OR WAEC) or GCE O’ level with passes in five subject including English language , three of which must be a credit level at the same sitting or four credits in two sittings two of the credits must be relevant to the course the candidate wishes to offer credit/passes in English language and or Mathematics may be required.
  3. A grade II teacher certificate (TCII) with the credit or merit in three subjects, two of which must be relevant to the course the candidate wishes to offer.
  4. Associate ship certificate in education awarded by an approved institution in Nigeria or abroad is also acceptable qualification.
  5. Successful candidates in the PRE NCE final examinations who accredited body would be qualified for admission.
  6. All candidates to be considered for admission must enroll for and write the selection examination organized by an accredited body such as JAMB.
  7. It should be noted that some colleges may in addition to all of the above, administer their own elimination test and/or or interviews for some courses. This is legitimate.
  8. Additional Requirement

In addition to the general NCE admission requirements, a candidate must possess at least a pass in Mathematics at the WAEC/NECO senior secondary school certificate level or its equivalent. Pre-NCE should have a minimum of ‘D’ grade before transition to read biology at NCE level.

  1. Graduation Requirements

All students admitted into biology programme will offer all courses prescribed.

Biology – 36 credits minimum

Second teaching subject – 36/38 credits

Education – 36 credits

General studies – 18 credits

Teaching practice – 06 credits

  1. Teaching practice

Teaching practice of twelve week duration is compulsory for every student before graduation. Teaching practice earns 6 credits under education.

  1. Project

The final year project is compulsory for all graduating students. The project may be written or practical; and supervised in any area of the students chosen subjects and the grades for the project should be accredited to EDU 323. Projects carry 2 credits.


Course code Course title credits Status
BIO. 111 Basic principle of biology 1 C
BIO. 112 Cell biology 1 C
BIO. 113 Viruses, bacteria and lower plant 2 C
BIO. 114 Biology practical 1 C
BIO.  115 Ecology 2 C
  Total 7C  


Course code Course title Credits Status
BIO. 121 Diversity of invertebrates 2 C
BIO. 122 Diversity, anatomy and history of spermatophytes 2 C
BIO. 123 Biology methods I 2 C
BIO. 124 Biology practical II 1 C
  Total 6  


BIO. 211 Diversity of Chordates 2 C
BIO. 212 Research Method and Biometry 1 C
BIO. 213 Population Education 1 C
BIO. 214 Plant Pathology 1 E
BIO. 215 Animal Histology 1 E
BIO. 216 Biology practical III 1 C
Total   5C+1E=6  


BIO. 221 Plant psychology 2 C
BIO . 222 Vertebrate anatomy & psysiology 2 C
BIO. 223 Embryology 1 E
BIO. 224 Biology practical IV 1 C
BIO. 225 Evolution 1 E
  Total 5C + 1E = 6  


EDC 311 Teaching practices 6 C
BIO. 321 Laboratory management 1 C
BIO. 322 Applied biology 2 C
BIO. 323 Introductory parasitology 1 C
BIO. 324 Genetics 2 C
BIO. 326 Biology practical V 1 C
  Total 7  
  1. PRE- NCE Biology syllabus

PRE NCE First semester

Course code Course title credits Status
BIO. 011 Cell and Animal Biology 2 C
BIO. 012 Plant Biology 1 C
BIO. 013 Biology Practical 1 2 C
    5 Credits  


PRE-NCE Second Semester

Course code Course title Credits Status
BIO. 021   1 C
BIO. 022   2 C
BIO. 023   2 C
Total 5Credits