1. General Admission Requirements
  2. A senior secondary school certificate (SSCE), (WAEC or NECO) or GCE O’ level with passes in five subjects including English language, three of which must be at credit level at one sitting or five credits at two sittings. Two of the credits must be relevant to the course the candidate wishes to offer credit/merits in English language and/or mathematics may be required in some courses.
  3. A Grade II Teacher Certificate (TC II) with credits or merit in three subjects, two of which must be relevant to the course the candidate wishes to offer. Credit/merit in English language and/or Mathematics may be required in some courses.
  4. For candidates wishing to offer courses in vocational and technical education, RSA or city and guilds intermediate certificate with the Federal Craft Training with credit/merit in at least four subjects are acceptable qualification.
  5. Successful candidates in the PRE-NCE final examinations or Interim Joint Matriculation Board (IJMB) who also took and passed in selection examinations by an accredited body are qualified for admission.
  6. All candidates wishing to be considered for admission must enroll for and write the selection examination organized by an accredited body such as JAMB
  7. It should be noted that some colleges may in addition to all above, administer their own elimination tests and/or interviews for some courses. This is legitimate.
  8. In addition to the general admission requirements candidates wishing to major in French at the NCE must fulfill the following conditions :
  9. A pass at credit level in French at WAEC/GCE O’ Level SSCE or their equivalent.
  10. Must have satisfy the internal and external examiners in French in the final PRE-NCE examination in French
  • Plus credits or merits in English language or literature in English at the WAEC/GCE O’ Level SSCE or Grade II teachers Certificate
  1. Any other qualification approved from time to time by the appropriate authority.
  2. Graduation Requirements

To graduate as a French Teacher, a candidate must Earn a minimum of 130 credits as follows :

Course D/M Credits S/M Credits
Education 36 36
General Studies 14 14
Teaching Practice 6 6
French 78 40
Second Teaching   36
Total 134 132
  1. Teaching Practice

Every student is required to do teaching practice (12 weeks)and the credits earned recorded in Education 324.

  1. Field Trips

It is recommended that students been taken on field trips at least once every semester to location and/or establishments where they would experience the practical use of the French Language in real life situations.

  1. Projects

Every student is required to write a long essay in French. Credits shall be recorded under Education 323.

  1. Language Immersion Programmes

All students are required to spend a minimum of twelve weeks in a planned programme of study in a French Field environment. (Nigerian French Language Village (NFLV) Badagry. Normally, NCCE routinely inspects this acculturation/immersion exercise to ensure compliance.

  1. Course Offered
  2. Contenu Du Cours NCE I
  3. Premier semester
Course Code Course Title Credits


FRE 111 Expression Orate I 2       4 C
FRE 112 Grammaire I 2       4 C
FRE 113 Expression Ecrite I 1       2 C
FRE 114 Civilization Francophone I 1       2 C
Total 6       12  
Course Code Course Title Credits


FRE 121 Expression Orate II 2       4 C
FRE 122 Grammaire II 2       4 C
FRE 123 Expression Ecrite II 1       2 C
FRE 124 Civilization Francophone II 1       2 C
FRE 125 Exercises de laboratorie 1 1      2 C
Total 7       14  


Course code Course Title                            Credits Status
  UV DM  
FRE 211                     Expression Oracle 111             2 4 C
FRE 212 Grammaire 111 2 4 C
FRE 213 Expression Ecrite 111 1 4 C
FRE 214 Introduction la methodology de lenseignement du fran 1
FRE 215 Introduction a la Literature

Francophone Africaine  d Expression Francaise I

                          Total 7
Course Code Course title Credits   Status
    U.V D.M  
FRE 221 Expression Oracle IV 2 4 C
FRE 222 Grammaire IV 2 4 C
FRE 223 Phonetique Phonplogie 1 2 C
FRE 224 Methodologie De lenseignement De Francais 2 4 C
FRE 225 Literature Francophone Africaine dexpression Francaise 1   C
FRE 226 Programme Dimersion


2   C
  Total 10 20  

Ce semester est reserve aux etudiants en troisien eannee pour le pragramme de l’enseignement pratique

Course code Course title Credits Status
    U.V D.M C
FRE 321 Expression Orate V 1 2 C
FRE 322 Grammaire II 2 4 C
FRE 323 Literature Frangaise 1 2 C
FRE 324 Traduction, thiorie Pratique 1 2 C
FRE 325 Expression Ecrite IV 1 2  
Total   6 12  
Course Code Course Title Credits Status
FRE 011 Oraux 2 C
FRE 012 Grammaire 2 C
FRE 013 Travaux Practiques 2 C
FRE 014 Comprehension Auditive 2 C
Course Code Course title Credits Status
FRE 021 Oraux / Phonetique 2 C
FRE 022 Grammaire 2 C
FRE 023 Travaux Practiques 2 C
FRE 024 Comprehension Auditive 2 C
FRE 025 Literature 2 C
FRE 026 Traduction 2 C