Academic Calendar for the NCE Programme for 2023/2024

1Tuesday 2nd January, 2024Commencement of 2023/2024 Academic session/Registration/Teaching Practice Exercise/Community Theatre
2Friday 5th January, 2024End of Community Theatre
3Monday 8th January, 2024Commencement of 1st Semester Lectures for NCE I & II/Teaching Practice Exercise for NCE III/SIWES/Academic Board Meeting to consider 2-2023/2024 Academic Calendar
4Friday 26th January, 2024Students’ Registration Ends for NCE I & II
5Monday 29th January, 2024Submission of 2021/2022 Second semester Results to Heads of Departments.
6Wednesday 31st January – Thursday 1st February, 2024Academic Board meeting to consider 2020/2021 Final NCE Results
7Friday 9th February, 2024Matriculation of Fresh students (NCE I)
8Monday 12th February, 2024External Moderation of 2021/2022 Examination Results/Excursion for NCE I Chemistry students
9Tuesday 20th February, 2024Excursion for NCE II Early Childhood Care Education students
10Thursday 22nd February, 2024Excursion for NCE I Early Childhood Care Education students.
11Tuesday 27th February, 2024Excursion for NCE II History students
12Thursday 29th February, 2024Excursion for NCE II Special Education students.
13Tuesday 12th March, 2024Excursion for NCE II Primary Education department students. Excursion for NCE II Business Education Students
14Thursday 14th March, 2024 Excursion for NCE II Political science student
15Friday 14th March, 2024Submission of 1st semester examination Question papers to HODs for External Question Papers to HODs for External Examiners’ Vetting
16Tuesday 19th March, 2024Excursion for NCE II Economics students.
17Thursday 21st March, 2024Excursion for NCE II Home Economics students
18Friday 22nd March, 2024Excursion for NCE II Agricultural Education students
19Monday 25th March, 2024Vetting of 1st semester Examination Question papers by External moderators
20Tuesday 26th March, 2024Excursion for NCE II Fine and applied Arts students
21Thursday 28th March, 2024Excursion for NCE I & II Tiv Language students
22Monday 1st April- Friday 5th April 2024Commencement of students’ screening exercise for 1st semester examinations
23Tuesday 2nd April, 2024 Geography field study for NCE II students
24Friday 5th April, 2024End of semester lectures/Teaching Practice exercise
25Monday 8th April-Friday 3rd May, 2024Conduct of Semester Examinations
26Friday 10th May, 2024 Academic Board Meeting to consider 1st semester examination misconduct cases/End of 1st semester academic session/End of SIWES exercise
27Monday 13th May, 2024 Resumption for 2nd semester 2023/2024 session for NCE I-III/ Commencement of Registration for NCE III students / Commencement of Lectures
28Tuesday 28th May, 2024Excursion for NCE II Physics students/National Association of physics & Health Education and Recreation (NAPHER) Day
29Thursday 30th May, 2024Excursion for NCE II Integrated Science students Home Economics Day
30Friday 31st May, 2024Submission of 1st semester Examination Results to HODs.
31Tuesday 4th June, 2024 Mathematics students Association (MASA) Day/Excursion for NCE III Technical Education Department (TED) students
32Thursday 6th June, 2024Primary Education Department(PES) Day
33Tuesday 11th June, 2024Christian Religious Studies(CRS) day
34Thursday 13th June, 2024ECCE Day/Theatre Arts students Discussion day on Ashi waves Radio Station.
35Tuesday 18th June, 2024Excursion for NCE III Biology students /TED day
36Thursday 20th June, 2024Political science Department debate day
37Tuesday 25th June, 2024School of Vocation & Technical Education(SVTE) day/Excursion for NCE I special Education students
38Thursday 27th June, 2024Excursion for NCE III students of physics & Health Education to Special schools
39Monday 1st –Sunday 7th July, 2024Provost sports competition
40Tuesday 2nd July, 2024Excursion for NCE III Integrated Science students
41Saturday 6th July, 2024English and Literary Association (ELA) day
42Monday 8th – 10th July, 2024 School of Sciences Biennial National Conference
43Thursday 11th July, 2024Excursion for NCE I PES students/excursion for NCE I Business students

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