1. General Admission Requirements
  2. A senior secondary school certificate (SSCE), (WAEC or NECO) or GCE O’ level with passes in five subjects including English language, three of which must be at credit level at one sitting or five credits at two sittings. Two of the credits must be relevant to the course the candidate wishes to offer credit/merits in English language and/or mathematics may be required in some courses.
  3. A Grade II Teacher Certificate (TC II) with credits or merit in three subjects, two of which must be relevant to the course the candidate wishes to offer. Credit/merit in English language and/or Mathematics may be required in some courses.
  4. For candidates wishing to offer courses in vocational and technical education, RSA or city and guilds intermediate certificate with the Federal Craft Training with credit/merit in at least four subjects are acceptable qualification.
  5. Successful candidates in the PRE-NCE final examinations or Interim Joint Matriculation Board (IJMB) who also took and passed in selection examinations by an accredited body are qualified for admission.
  6. All candidates wishing to be considered for admission must enroll for and write the selection examination organized by an accredited body such as JAMB
  7. Colleges may in addition to all above, administer their own elimination tests and/or interviews for some courses. This is legitimate.
  8. In addition to the general admission requirements candidates wishing to major in Political science at the NCE level must fulfill the following conditions:
  9. Graduation Requirements

Minimum credit units required for graduation

Education Courses                                  – 36 Credits

General Studies Course                          – 18 Credits

Teaching Practice                                     – 6 Credits

Political Science Courses                       -38 Credits

Second Teaching Subject                       – 36/38 Credits

  1. Teaching Practice

Every student is required to do teaching Practice and the credits earned recorded in EDU 324.

  1. Project

Every student is required to write a project either Political Science ir second teaching subject but the credit earned recorded in EDU 323.

  1. Subject Combination

Political Science as a single major subject could be combined with any one of the following subject; history, social studies (single major); Geography, Economics, English, Primary education studies or Christian religious studies.

Course Code Course Title Credit Status
POL 111 Introduction to Political Science 2 C
POL 112 Nigerian Government and politics I(pre colonial period to 1960) 2 C
POL 113 Principles of political science 1 C
POL 114 Constitutional development in west African states II 1 C
                                                                NCE I SECOND SEMESTER
POL 121 Principles of political science II 1 C
POL 122 Nigerian Government and politics II (1960-DATE) 2 C
POL 123 Constitutional development in west African states II 1 C
POL 124 Elements of Public Administration 2 C
POL 125 Government and Politics of African States 1 E
POL 126 Military in Politics 1 E
Course Code Course Title Credit Status
POL 211 Introduction to Classical Political thoughts 2 C
POL 212 Comparative  Government and politics 2 C
POL213 Methods of teaching political science 2 C
POL 214 Nigerian Constitution studies 2 C
POL 215 Human Rights Education 1 E
POL 216 Nation Building in Africa 1 E
                                                    NCE II SECOND SEMESTER  
POL 221 Introduction to modern Political thoughts 2 C
POL 222 Principles of international relations 2 C
POL 223 Nigerian Foreign Policy 2 C
POL 224 Political science research methods 2 C
POL 225 Introduction to political behavior 1 C
POL 226 Political parties, Pressure groups and public opinions 1 E
Course code Course title Credit Status
EDC 311 Teaching practice project    
                                                                   NCE III SECOND SEMESTER
POL 321 African Political thoughts 2 C
POL 322 International Organizations 2 C
POL 323 Nigerian public Administration 1 E
POL 324 Political Economy of African States 1 E
POL 325 Local Government Studies in Nigeria 1 E


NCE Year Compulsory Elective Total
NCE 1 12 2 14
NCE 2 16 4 20
NCE 3 6 2 8
TOTAL 34 9 43

Graduation Requirements

Minimum credits required for graduation = 38

Compulsory Course                                =34

Elective courses                                      =4

Total                                                          = 38

A student is required to register only one (1) elective course in one semester.